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December 30th 2016

Bundle v. 3.1.3 Released

May 25th 2016

Bundle v. 2.1.4 Released
Compatible with ImageEn 6.3 and D10Berlin.

October 31st 2015

Bundle v. 2.0 Released
Compatible with ImageEn 6.2.

Welcome to the Home of the Add-Ons for ImageEn Bundle            <<What's New>>
Thumbs Browser
TThumbsBrowser is a comprehensive solution that simplifies the process of browsing, searching, filtering and selecting multimedia files, in your Delphi applications. Built on the ImageEn engine, provides many advantages over the equivalent component in the ImageEn library, when coming to browsing files, in term of power, flexibility,  customization and simplicity of use.
ImageEn Processing Add-On
With this Image Processing Add-on, you can preview the final result of many native ImageEn filters in real-time, on any TImageEnView display, and easily apply them. It also supports its own filters and multithreading processing not present in ImageEn.
Also integrates with our TRGBCurves Component

RGB Curves
Curve Correction is used in professional image editors, such as Adobe Photoshop and Corel Paint Shop Pro. The component can be just dropped on a form and requires very few code to apply the curves to a digital image or to preview and apply changes using a TImageenView component. No coding is required to create the curves,

ImageEn Paint Engine
The engine has been specifically designed to interact with any TImageenView component. By simply calling the StartPainting and StopPainting methods, you will be able to provide powerful digital painting abilities to the users of your image editing application.